How to Improve Your Scores in JEE Main 2020 April Session

  • Feb 07,2020

The JEE Main 2020 was conducted in January between 6th Jan to 9th Jan 2020. Around 8.7 lac candidates had appeared for the January exam. Recently the Result has been announced with 9 students scoring 100 Percentile across the country. The higher of the two scores of candidates who have appeared in either/both JEE Main January and April 2020 will be considered for the final ranking of JEE Main 2020. 

For those who could not do well in January, the session need not worry as the April session is another chance for all students who wish to improve their scores. The following important tips are must be kept in mind when taking up the April session of JEE Main 2020. 

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Learning from mistakes is important. Aspirants should do the Test Analysis of the JEE Paper you took in January & make the notes of the mistakes committed in January Session of JEE Main & try not to repeat those in April 2020. Use the period between your Board Exams to revise & Solve questions from Previous Year JEE Main Papers. Practice JEE Mock Tests so that you can get familiar with the actual exam environment. Keep a track of your speed & accuracy as it is also important as to how you solve the paper for a high score. Take help from your Teachers to clear your doubts and speak to them in case of any conceptual doubts or problems which you are unable to solve.

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Complete your syllabi if not done earlier. Prepare a quick revision plan and categorize the chapters like Easy-Difficult & Hard generally, you can solve any problem from these chapters/topics.
While revising ensure that you may have to take help from your teachers for the Difficult chapters and get all your concepts. 
For the Moderate Chapters, you will need more practice so devote time daily so that you have completed solving adequately no. of questions from these chapters.

For the chapters/topics you find Easy you must be always able to solve questions from them. So, avoid spending too much time on these questions as you are already good in these chapters.

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Your Speed, Accuracy and Time management will be an important parameter for success in JEE Main (April),2020. While solving questions manage your time well and use short cuts to avoid lengthy calculations. The use of diagrams/graphs will expedite your answers.

Avoid reading new books or start any new chapters before the exam as this may spoil your confidence level.

Take care of your physical and mental fitness. Maintain a positive attitude throughout your preparation time. Avoid stress. Stay confident and keeping calm while taking the exam also helps get the desired score. 

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