How to Study Effectively at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

  • Mar 18,2020

At present, there are more than 130 cases of corona in India. The third death due to COVID-19 in India has also happened in Maharashtra. In such a situation, the government of India & State governments has decided to shut down schools & coaching classes. 

With Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams nearing, Here are some quick tips for studying effectively at home - 

1. Keep a dedicated study area in your home. Don’t sit on the bed to study because that may make you feel sleepy. Make a study table & write a to-do list at the start of the day which can help you to hold yourself accountable.

2. Don’t keep any edibles near your study area because that may distract you. Take regular small breaks but don't eat junk food during that period rather than eat healthy balanced food.

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3. In this summer season, keep yourself hydrated.

4. While studying, Avoid keeping your smartphone near you. If you are using the smartphone for educational purposes like solving JEE, NEET & MHT-Mock Tests then block other apps there are apps like NetGuard where you can use the internet on Educational Apps & switch off the internet for other apps like Social Media & Gaming, etc. 

5. If you are feeling tedious and desire for some rest after long hours then take a small power nap or take a walk. 

6. Request your parents & siblings to not disturb you. Your father's cricket match or Your mother's daily serial can be viewed afterward, your study is most important. 

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7. Some students prefer to study by loud reading or some prefer to read by taking a walk. It’s your home so use this to your advantage, study as per your choice. 

8. Eat almonds and walnuts to sharpen your brain.

9. Don’t sit comfortably because that may again result in a distraction by making you feel lousy, lazy and make you a couch potato.

10. Lastly, Take care of your health. If you are going to go outside cover your mouth & nose. Regularly wash your hand after some time. Eat homemade & healthy food & take adequate sleep. 

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