How to Crack JEE Main in First Attempt - Tips & Tricks

  • Apr 17,2020

The JEE Main 2020 exam is conducted twice in a year - January and April. However, this year, the JEE Main April exam is delayed due to coronavirus lockdown.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) is likely to declare the revised dates of the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) in May 2020. 

Here are some quick tips which can help you to crack the JEE Main 2020 Exam in the first attempt.

Prepare a timetable 

Your colleges & schools are closed during this Corona Outbreak so you have plenty of time in hand which needs to be carefully planned otherwise you might lose this precious time. 

Prepare a personalized timetable & stick to it. This is a very crucial time for all JEE aspirants, those who will use this time wisely will succeed in the JEE Exam. 

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Build confidence with NCERT Books 

NCERT books are the most prominent source for preparation. Practice from NCERT books to understand the topics. Read NCERT Books & take short notes which you can refer at the revision time. 

Read NCERT Books. Many times questions are directly picked from NCERT books. 

Prepare Short Notes

If you have prepared the short notes then skip to the next point. 

But if you haven't yet prepared short notes then as you are revising make handwritten notes. These handmade notes are very handy at the time of revision. 

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Solve JEE Mock Test

Practicing JEE Mock test can help you to get familiar with the computer-based test format which can reduce your stress at the actual exam time. 

Enroll in Edumate Plus JEE Main Test Series.  Edumate Plus has more than 1,00,000 questions handpicked by experienced teachers & subject experts. Focus on Numerical Type Questions 

This year for the first time JEE Main will have numerical value answer type questions. These Numerical value type questions will contribute to 20% of the exam thus students aiming for the top ranks will have to get them right. 

For Numerical Type Questions, Students cannot just eliminate the wrong options & guess the correct answers. As long as one has a firm grasp over the basics of all the topics, he or she can easily solve these questions without error. 

Take Care of Your Health

Lastly, Take care of your health. Don't go outside. Take all necessary precautions which can protect you & your family from COVID-19. Eat healthy homemade food. Drink plenty of water. Have good 8 hours night sleeps. 

Cracking JEE Main exam in the first attempt is tough but possible. You just have to plan your schedule smartly, analyze your strengths & weaknesses to carefully craft your strategy & be disciplined enough to stick to the plan that you made. 

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