6 Ways to To Deal With Stress & Anxiety During JEE Exam Preparation

  • Apr 29,2020

The corona pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. 

The JEE Main Exam is postponed. There is a lot of uncertainty over the exams, which has caused serious stress among students. In this post, we are going to share simple & effective ways to reduce your exam stress & anxiety. 

Plan Your Study & Revision

The stress level increases due to uncertainty so plan your study well to feel more confident. Use this quarantine time to revise your short notes which can further reduce your stress & make your feel prepared. 

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Solve JEE Mock Tests

Practicing JEE Mock Tests is the best way to get familiar with the real exam environment. JEE Mock tests can help you to handle the exam pressure so, making you more confident about the actual exam.  

Stay Away from News & Social Media

Try to stay away from news channels & Social media which can adversely affect your mental health. The parents should make sure not to watch the corona news excessively. The students should stay away from comparing their preparation with their friends which can make them stressed out. 

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Enjoy Your Hobbies

The JEE Exam is very important & can be the turning point for your future but please don't be too harsh on yourself. Don't study for long hours. The studies suggest that human productivity decreases after 45 Mins so take small breaks. Enjoy your hobby for some time if you are feeling tired. 

Take Care of Your Mental Health

In the lockdown period, many students are feeling the stress & anxiety. If you too are stressed out then, please talk with your family & friends. By merely sharing your feeling, you will feel relaxed. Have a proper 7-8 hours night sleep. Sleeping can greatly help to reduce stress levels. 

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Stay Calm & Positive

The uncertainties will clear very soon so, stay calm & positive. Have faith in yourself. Remember, you have studied well & whenever the exam will be conducted you are ready to give your best. You need to have this winner's mindset not only to clear the JEE exam but also to tackle any tough situations in your life.

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