JEE 2020 - What Separates the Toppers from the Average Students?

  • Jun 03,2020

What separates the toppers from the rest? Are they lucky? Well, only luck can't get through this. Is it only hard work? Mostly not, as most of the toppers study smartly. 

Here is the list of habits that every JEE toppers have that separates them from the average students. 

Time management: Proper planning & timely preparation are the most important qualities of JEE Toppers. They prepare a chapter-wise and topic-wise revision schedule & create hand-written short notes and list all formulae and points to remember. This help them in quick revision before the examination.

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Focus on NCERT Books: JEE Toppers know the importance of NCERT Books thus they study from NCERT Books and not to refer to multiple books or study material available in the market. 

Working on Weak Sections: Every student has some strong & weak subjects, but what separates the toppers from the rest is their ability to learn from their weak areas and practice well in time to improve by all possible means. 

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Solve Computer Based Test Series: JEE Toppers know the importance of solving Computer Based Mock Tests to get familiar with Testing Environment. Solving the JEE Mock Tests helps them to build self-confidence & manage their time well. Toppers track the data like accuracy & speed to improve their exam performance. Personalize Performance Analysis of Computer Based Test Series also help them identify their strong & weak chapters. 

JEE Toppers are no different than Average Students. They just do things differently. If you too master these habits, then nothing can stop you from cracking JEE 2020 with flying colors!

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