How can you plan to achieve highest score in NEET?

  • Oct 26,2018

Hello, NEET Aspirants!

As you all know that NEET Exam is the gateway for admission in country’s top Medical institutes.

 In 2018, total 11350845 students registered for NEET Exam, out of which only 231,024 qualify for NEET. So here we bring you some tips which you should keep in mind while giving the final strokes to NEET Preparation before a week and a day before the exam.

Below is the revision strategy for NEET that involves working smarter, not harder.

Identify Your Weak Topics

The focus now should be much more on the topics you are weak in. That’s because revision is something more than just solving the same content over and over again. It is about ensuring how much you have in your head at that time. It is about covering some particular things which aren’t there but should be! So let’s get started.

Arrange a Good Revision Package

This is an essential step because solving the same material repeatedly does not do much good. Instead, during this phase, you should give higher priority to solving problems involving multiple concepts in a single problem. This tests your understanding of different topics and their application. Any coaching material would be useful, provided it is close to the level of the NEET. So, you got the revision package – check one. Next you have to start solving it with utmost sincerity. Most of them are organized chapter-wise, followed by some part-syllabus and full-syllabus tests.



Read a Lot of Theory While Building up Your Weak Areas


It is natural to discover some loopholes in your NEET Preparation at this phase. You should be happy to identify them now as you still have time to fix them. At this stage, solving a lot of problems won’t help if your concepts are unclear. So what to do?


First things first, get a good reference book and circle the particular topic you feel uncomfortable with. Read sufficient theory and solve/go through all the unsolved problems in this new book.


After that, you should feel comfortable with solving basic problems. Gradually go for slightly more difficult ones from the primary modules you used during your earlier preparation. After these two check boxes are ticked, finally solve that particular topic from the Revision Package.


Remember, this point will take some extra time. Don’t hesitate to devote this extra time to it outside of your regular revision schedule. After all, at the end of the day it’s you and only you who is responsible for the successful completion of the syllabus


Attempt Many Mock Tests

In your studies thus far you have been solving many problems; you have tried many books, several chapter-based tests, etc. But all this will go down the drain if you don’t give a good number of properly monitored mock tests in exam-like situations. For that, you need to join a good test series. Any of the test series offered by reputed coaching institutes will work.

The vital importance of the test series is something that I can’t adequately describe in one paragraph. It is essential for each and every student aspiring to clear the NEET with a good rank. You can check out the profiles of any of the top-ranking students and see that most, if not all of them enrolled in some institute’s test series.


Think about it. You don’t want to spoil your NEET just because you get upset about something on exam day and it throws you off your game. Likewise, you don’t want to get distracted because you couldn’t handle your excitement at seeing an easy paper, or the marking scheme bogged you down, or you suspect you under-performed, or even because you attempted a lot of questions and got them all wrong! No matter what happens, if it completely throws your concentration on game day, you can be defeated before you even start.

Don’t Look Back

Finally, the most important thing, Don’t look back or even think of quitting at this stage. You have come through a great period of turmoil, sacrificed all your wishes over the past many months, and finally landed in this last phase before the exam. This is the time to polish things up so that all parts of your hard work assemble together for the final day.

It is okay if you feel down after discovering some flaws in your preparation, and maybe even performing badly in one or two mock test. But this does not mean that you should give up over such petty issues. Everyone has some flaws or shortcomings in their preparation. It’s pretty normal to have them, and you can find a way around them in the leftover time. This is the period when you will be mentally tested. This is where all of your hard work over the years pays off. Thus, have faith in yourself and your preparation, study well, and give yourself the best possible shot at acing that exam!


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