Important points to remember in last minute preparation of NEET

  • Jan 25,2019


NEET is the national eligibility entrance exam for the students who wish to pursue their career in the medical sector. As this exam is tough it needs some important points to keep in mind.

Instead of using multiple reference books & mugging the concepts, students can use NCERT books to learn concepts as this is the best option for NEET preparation. Also, NEET syllabus is completely based according to the NCERT XI & XII books.

“No magic can happen in the last few days which will make you learn what you haven’t till now. But, the last few days to NEET 2018, can prove instrumental in giving you a grip and strength over what you already know and have prepared till now.

Use Revision& Practice Strategy: During the last few days, practicing of questions based on NEET exam pattern is as important as revising. So combine these two NEET last minute preparation priorities, by revising and practicing alongside. To revise a chapter of Physics/Chemistry, take 45 questions from that chapter and solve them within the time frame you are planning to devote on Physics/Chemistry respectively in the exam. Similarly, to revise chapters of Biology, take 90 questions from that chapter and solve them within the time frame you will devote to Biology in the exam. Following this revision cum practicing strategy will accomplish two important aspects of NEET 2018 last minute preparation.

Don’t begin with new topics: Last few days should be spent on revising the topics and chapters done earlier, instead of starting a new topic from scratch. One can also spend time as felt appropriate in strengthening the weak but already studied areas instead of beginning with new chapters.

Focus on important topics: Focus more on important topics and chapters of NEET during the last weeks or days of NEET 2018 preparation. Vanshika, one of the toppers of NEET 2017, suggests that most important topics in Physics are Optics, Electrostatics, Semiconductors, and Electromagnetic waves. She goes on to say that important topics for Chemistry in NEET are Organic Chemistry, P Block Elements, Hydrocarbons, and Atomic Structure. For Biology, she says, Inheritance, Cell, Biological Classification, Plant sexual reproduction are some of the most important chapters. 

List Important formulas, Diagrams, and Graphs: Candidates can list the important topics from Physics or Chemistry on a page and revise them on daily basis. For Biology, candidates can take help of diagrams and graphs and make them during revisions. These formulas, diagrams, and graphs can be revised quickly on the last day within a very short duration.


Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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