JEE Main Computer Based Test 2020: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Mar 18,2019

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has scheduled JEE Main 2020 exam in the month of  January & April 2020. The exam will be conducted in fully Computer Based Test (CBT) mode thus Most of the students are confused about the JEE Main Computer Based Test.

In this article, we are providing answers for some frequently asked questions (FAQ) based on JEE Main Computer Based Examination. Students can check here answers to all their queries as provided below:

Q : Whether the JEE Main examination will be offline or online?

This will be computer based test and will be conducted through online mode only.

Q : What is Computer Based Exam (Online mode)?

In Computer Based Test or online mode, students have to appear for the examination through computer. Students can view only one question at a time on their computer screen. They can view the next questions after clicking Next Question button.

The JEE Main Computer Based Exam will be conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) to make it safe, secure and un-interrupted.

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Q : What are the benefits of Computer Based Examination?

Computer based exam has following listed benefits:

- The candidate can review or re-answer any question at any point of time during the examination.

- The candidate can change the option of the answer during the exam duration and it is one of the most important feature of computer based examination.

- The candidate also has the option to mark any answer for review at later stage during the examination.

- There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question numbers in different colour scheme which will indicate which questions are answered, left unanswered and marked for review.

- It is used to enhance the confidence of the candidates while using Information technology.

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Q : Can I get any practice test to get familiar with JEE Main online exam?

Yes, You can start appearing for the  JEE Pratice Test and Online Test Series provided by

Q : If a candidate forgets to book his session for online exam, how will he get information about the date and session of the examination?

If a candidate fails to make any selection, slot will be assigned randomly to the respective candidates as per the availability of the same; details are provided on information bulletin.

Q : Is Computer Based Examination based on Internet?

No, it is based on Local Area Network (LAN).

Q : When will the Computer Based Examination held?

JEE Mains 2020 January Session entrance test will be conducted from 6th to 11th January 2020. The April Session exam will be held from 3rd to 9th April 2020.

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Q : When will a candidate has to report at exam centre?

Before 30 minutes from the exam time.

Q : What a candidate must know about computer in order to appear for Computer Based Examination?

The candidate must be aware about how to use computer mouse.

Q : Is the Computer Based Test is secure?

It is very secure with zero error possibility as human intervention is minimal.

Q : Is there any practice test for Computer Based Examination?

Candidates can practice through the Mock Test, which are available on websites of JEE/NTA. 

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Q : How will a candidate answer a question in the Computer Based examination?

There will be four options of each question. The candidate has to click one of the options using computer mouse which can be reviewed or re answered any time during the duration of the examination.

Q : How will a candidate come to know which the questions are left unanswered?

Student can view the total number of unanswered questions left with the help of the panel available on the right side. Students can use colour scheme which will indicate which are the questions answered, left unanswered and marked for review.

Q : Can I change my answer in JEE Main online exam?

Yes during the exam duration and it is one of the most important feature of computer based examination.

Q : If a candidate has selected medium of question paper as English but want to see question in Hindi for more clarity or vice-a-versa, is this possible?

Yes you can easily do with the click of computer mouse.

Q. Will a candidate get sheets/papers for rough work/calculations etc?


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Q : Can I use calculator in online examination conducted by NTA?

No. Candidates are not allowed to carry calculators or any other electronic device in the examination centre. Detailed information in this regard is available in the Information Bulletin.

Q : In case of problem in computer etc will there be somebody to assist?

Yes, there will be qualified IT professionals.

Q : If I face some technical problem while attempting JEE Main online exam, what will I have to do?

There will be enough buffer computers available at the examination centers to take care of such problems and the time lost in change of system will be duly compensated as each and every second will be recorded by the server.

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Q : Will I get the question paper of computer based examination like in Pen and Paper based exam?

After the exam schedule is over, the question paper along with the options marked will be mailed to each and every candidate.

Q : I have no access to a computer and no experience with online examination. How can I prepare for the examination?

NTA will be identifying schools, colleges and other institutions with internet and computer facilities in due course of time. The same will be designated as Test Practice Centers (TPCs) for facilitating free practice sessions on every Saturday and Sunday for JEE Main 2020 aspirants.

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