How to Crack NEET in First Attempt – Preparation Tips & Tricks

  • Mar 29,2019

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) will be conducted on May 5, 2019. With less than one month left for the exam, every student is planning on how to cover all the topics in limited time in order to score better.

Here are some NEET Exam tips & tricks that will help you to score more :- 

NEET 2019 Exam Pattern

NEET is an offline objective test, conducted to judge your aptitude. It is a single level exam which includes 3 different subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Botany + Zoology)) for a total of 720 marks. 45 questions are asked from each section whereas from Biology 90 questions are asked to be answered within 3 hours. Now, let’s take a look at the strategy for NEET UG 2019 Exam.

Practice Online Mock Tests 

Joining online test series like Edumate Plus can also support your preparation. Mock tests will help you gauge your rank among other aspirants. Edumate Plus has Leadership  Board which encourages healthy competition between you & your peers. 

Practicing more is the key. The best approach now would be to practice as much as you can. With Edumate Plus NEET mock test, you will be able to identify your weak areas. You can then focus on these weak areas and analyse how fast & accurately you can solve questions. 

Here are some Subject-wise tips & tricks - 

Biology - 

1. Biology is the biggest section in NEET, comprising about half of the exam, and it's a theoretical subject & thus biggest scoring subject. 

2. NCERT is best book to study biology for NEET, and solving NCERT based questions will give an added advantage.

3. Human Physiology and Genetics have maximum weightage in NEET. It is advisable to practice questions of Genetics from previous year question papers, which will give you a thorough understanding of how the questions are being asked.

4. Topics of Plant and Animal kingdom have a lot of portion to memorize. You can prepare these topics by making a comparative table for the sub-topics and studying it together.

5. Plant physiology is also equally important and easy to score.

Physics -

1. Try to learn the formulas and derivations, so that you can solve problems in one go.

2. A smart, thorough approach towards Physics section can significantly boost your rank.

Chemistry -

1. If you are well versed with all the type of questions and have practiced last 10-year exam papers, then you can confidently attempt all 45 questions.

2. Chemistry is divided into Inorganic, Physical and Organic chemistry.

3. For inorganic chemistry, you must refer to the NCERT book, Many times questions are picked up direct from NCERT book.

4. Organic comprises of many reactions and reagents which can be practiced by writing over and over again.

5. Physical chemistry requires a comparatively deeper understanding of concepts, so preparing with the NCERT and referring to study material a level higher than NCERT should be the way to go.

Some Quick Exam Tips & Tricks - 

- Out of 180 questions attempt all the doable questions first, which you have practiced before.

- If you have practiced well, then you can approximately attempt 120 questions with accuracy. It can easily get you within the merit list.

- Skip the questions where you feel difficulty, in order to save time and attempt the maximum number of questions.

- Try to complete paper in 2 hrs 30 minutes to keep the last 30 minutes attempting the left out questions.

- In these last minutes, you can also do guesswork but only if you are confused between two options. Since guesswork may lead to negative marking.

- Always remain calm and do not panic, as panic may lead to stress which may disturb your time management.

- Devote time smartly in order to secure the cut off marks and make it to the merit list.

Lastly No matter what happens, never lose your confidence. Whether it is during preparation, during exam, or after the exams, keep your spirits high.

Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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