MHT-CET 2020: Experts’ Recommended Tips and Tricks

  • Jul 15,2019

Important Chapters for MHT-CET Exam -


Kinetic Theory of Gases and radiation; Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei; Oscillations, Rotational Motion, Electrostatics, Electromagnetic Induction, Magnetic Effects of Current, Semiconductors, Wave Motion.


Chemical Thermodynamics and Energetics, Coordination Compounds, p-Block elements, Alcohol Phenol Ether, d-Block and f-Block elements, Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen, Solid State, Chemical Kinetics, Solutions and Colligative Properties.


Differential Equations, Integral Calculus, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Vectors and 3D Geometry.


Biotechnology: Process and Application, Genetic Engineering and Genomics, Control and Coordination, Human Reproduction, Microbes in Human Welfare, Genetic Basis of Inheritance, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Reproduction in Plants.

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Here are Subject-wise Tips for MHT-CET Exam -


For physics revise all the formulas and study the concept from your textbooks. We strongly recommend to personally prepare short notes which will save your revision time. Try Solving Numerical Questions & the previous year's papers.


The Chemistry exam of MH-CET is considered to be easy by most standards. Learning Inorganic Chemistry equations and reactions by heart can prove to be really helpful. Direct questions based on equations and reactions are bound to be asked, and having them etched in your mind will help you save a lot of time during the exam. It is better that, while preparation; you prepare a short note that contains all the formulae and equations. Make it a point to note down a new formula in this notebook whenever you come across one and also to revise these at the end of each day.

For chemistry, the trick is the same as physics. It's better to focus more on organic and inorganic (if you are good at memorizing the reagents and reactants). And time is very crucial in MH-CET. In physical chemistry, you will require some time to solve the numerical for which practice is needed. Again, solve past year question papers as much as you can. Most of the questions in CET are repeated let it be physics, chemistry or maths. The more you solve better it will be for you during the exam.


Focus more on maths. It really boosts your score up. Practice a lot of questions. Since time is less we would recommend you to study from the HSC textbook itself and try to solve as much as questions possible from the textbook. Don't leave any chapter. And solve the previous year's question papers.


During your preparation, divide the available time equally among all subjects. All the subjects will carry roughly the same weightage in relation to qualifying marks. Biology requires a lot of revision as even minor facts from nooks and corners of the syllabus may be asked. Given the vast syllabus, it is better if aspirants start to prepare for Biology at least 5-6 months before the date of the exam.

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Know Your Syllabus

It is important to know the syllabus well. CBSE applicants must look out for the topics in the MH-CET syllabus that are not covered in CBSE and study them. Particularly in the case of Physics, one finds that topics like Semiconductors, Interference and Waves have some extra theory that should be prepared separately.

Schedule Your Study

You should make sure to divide your time equally for all the subjects. Make a proper time-table and prepare wisely. Firstly, measure your time allotted for each subject and also make some time for extra activities. Never allot long study hours. Try to include short breaks between each hour which will improve your productivity.

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Revision Well

At the time of the revision, you should be more focused on the main exam and refreshing topics. Use your self-made notes this will drastically reduce your revision time.

Practice all the topics during the time of revision. By practicing the mock test, analyze your performance, time management as well as weak points or subjects. Find out your weak points and work on them.

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Solve Online Practice & Mock Tests

It is found that many students face problems dealing with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) even if they have prepared quite well. Practice in solving MCQs can help greatly in this cause. Solving MCQs from the various practice books available in the market would be a wise decision.

MH-CET Mathematics exam has been found to be lengthy many a time. Hence it is important that you improve your speed-solving skills. Solve as many questions as possible before the exam, and make sure to progressively enhance your speed by timing the working time for each problem.

From the last year, MHT-CET Exam has been made Computer Based Mode thus it is very important to solve the MHT-CET Mock Test to get familiar with the real-time test environment. Doing this you will actually feel that you are giving exam and would be able to handle pressure during the final exam.

Make sure that you solve the previous year’s papers and sample papers for the MH-CET Exam. It would give you an idea of how the paper might be. Timing your sessions to 3 hours and simulating exam day conditions can also be a good exercise while preparing for the exam. Edumate Plus can help you to solve chapter wise & topic wise practice tests.


Take Care of Your Health

With better health, you can prepare well in the examination. It is always important to maintain your health during preparation. Keep calm and put your best in the preparation.

Always remember that it’s is good practice to routinely take breaks from preparation as this will help in releasing all that accumulated tension and stress.

Take healthy and nutritious food and try to avoid oily and junk food. Don’t take any stress and tension about your preparation. It is important to always maintain your calm and put your best into the preparation without being concerned about the result.

Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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