Tips for Parents of Students Appearing for JEE Exam

  • Aug 19,2019

JEE Exam (Joint Entrance Examination) comprising of Main and Advanced Exams, is known to be the most challenging exam for admission to top engineering institutes. Exam preparation is very stressful for students, and parents play a crucial role during this time.

Here are some useful tips for parents of JEE Exam aspirants.

1: Parents should help their kids schedule their study

The JEE Exam syllabus is vast & comprises topics with different weightage hence it becomes very important to effectively plan your study in the limited amount of time available.  

Parents can help their children in planning their studies, ensuring they have sufficient time to revise all the topics thoroughly. The excess study can lead to stress thus there should be enough relaxation time where children can take breaks to relax. 

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2: Keep an eye on your child's schedule

Parents should also keep an eye on their child's study schedule and ensure that they are sticking to their study timetable. They should try to restrict any sort of distractions so that they can hinder the student's study sessions. 

Parents can give suggestions or advice However, the child's timetable can be a bit flexible, so don't force the child to follow the time table as it is. 

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3: Parents can help their children in study preparation

If the parents have relevant knowledge of the subject then they can also assist children in their studies. 

They can help children to clear any doubts they have. However, they shouldn't micromanage the children and let them study/revise at their speed.

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4: Parents should encourage and support children

Last year, over 9 lakh students appeared for JEE of which around 11,000 got admissions at IITs.

The competition is tough; so, rather than pressurizing the children, parents should encourage or support them to study well.

Parents should also tell children that even if they aren't selected, it's not the end of the world.

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5: Make sure that children are healthy

While parents must ensure that their children study properly for JEE Exam, they should also ensure their kids take breaks, eat healthy food, relax, and get sufficient night sleep too. They should protect their students from everything which might affect their health negatively.

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, there is a high level of uncertainty in the minds of students. As a parent, you should have regular conversations with your children to make sure that the children are stress-free. Give them the assurance that the situation is under control & everything will be alright. 

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