Recommended Books for JEE Main

  • Aug 27,2019

Additional to good coaching & experienced faculties, Good JEE books are incredibly important to boost student's performance. Here are some really useful books to prepare for JEE Main Exam. 


1. Concepts of Physics: HC Verma

This book is the bible of physics for JEE preparation, this book contains everything necessary for a student to clear his concepts. This book contains all the basic concepts described most efficiently. Read the theory too because there are many things in it that students skip and they don't know about them and it comes in the examination.

2. DC Pandey (all 5 volumes):

We highly recommend studying this book only after you have done HC Verma thoroughly otherwise you will take more time to finish this book. It also contains some really good problems and is like a big boost in your exam preparation.

3. Physics NCERT: A must-do for every JEE aspirant. Some questions are directly asked in JEE Main examination.

We highly recommend doing just these books again and again for your physics preparation seeing the hectic schedule students and the burden of other subjects. We did only the books of these two authors and NCERT and You are really good to go for Your JEE Main. However if one needs extra practice then one can go for Cengage series, I.E. Irodov.

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Physical Chemistry:

We recommend one to do RC Mukherjee: Introduction to Mole Concept. It's the best book for physical chemistry and one must do it completely (every chapter) to get the maximum benefit. For practice, there are almost 600 extra revision questions and most of them are of the Advance level. However for even more practice, one can go for P.Bahadur.NCERT is always a must.

Organic Chemistry:

If you are a class 12 student, Solomon Fryle is a good book for organic Chemistry. If you are studying in class 11, we suggest Cengage organic chemistry (volume 1&2): KS Verma. It covers all the concepts of organic chemistry from the most basic to the advanced level and doing it will completely boost one's organic chemistry performance greatly. NCERT always a must.

Inorganic Chemistry:

For inorganic chemistry, NCERT is the best book. More than 95% JEE Main and more than 80% JEE Advanced inorganic questions come from NCERT.

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1. Arihant Series (all 6 volumes):

We recommend one to do all the books in this series. In our opinion, it is the best series for Mathematics and contains all the theory and the kind of questions that can be asked in the examination.

2. Cengage Series:

It also contains some really good questions and for extra practice, one may go for this series.

These are all the books one needs to qualify the examination with flying colors but still, We want to stress on the fact that:

Please don't go after the number of books that one has done. First, stick to one of the books that We have mentioned per subject and finish it before going to the other book.

We suggest reading HC Verma 2–3 times before going to DC Pandey and the same was with other books. Don't believe the fact that if one has done the book once he/she has gained everything from that book. It's the most basic mistake students make. To get the most from that book, complete a book at least 2 times, be it NCERT or any other author book. Every book We have mentioned above is complete in it to get a good JEE rank.

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