How to Prepare for CBSC Board Exam along with JEE Mains and NEET

  • Sep 20,2019

Many Class 12 Students remain confused about their career preference & appear for both Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams to try their luck. 

Preparing for JEE & NEET require long study hours & consistent study routine. Additional to this, when students have to prepare for their board exams many students & even parents find it difficult to cope with the syllabus for boards & entrance examination. 

Here are tips to help you prepare for your board while you prepare for JEE Main or NEET exams.

Read & Revise NCERT Books: The biggest advantage or common link between boards & entrance exams is the NCERT. CBSE Board Exams are completely based on NCERT textbooks and so are the entrance examinations. Being thorough with NCERT would help you ace both the examinations. 

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Clear Your Concepts: There is a crucial difference between CBSE Board exams and various entrance exams. While boards are subjective papers, entrance exams are objective.

Focus on getting your concepts clear. Mugging up can help you to pass Boards but you will struggle to clear NEET & JEE Exams. NEET & JEE Exams are 

Start with topics of Class 11 and move towards Class 12 Syllabus: JEE & NEET exams have topics from both class 11 and 12. We often recommend students to begin with class 11 topics which will make act as a foundation course later progress towards class 12 topics. This would help students to focus more on Class 12 topics closer to the board examinations. 

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Dedicate enough time for language & other subjects: This has been a common case among all the students. Students often miss out on their marks in language papers or the fifth subject while they score well in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/ Biology. This is because students often dedicate more time on the key subjects for entrance examinations and ignore the language and fifth subject. It is hence important to set aside enough time every week for the ‘less important’ subjects.

We believe that Entrance exams are an extension of your board exams. Hence if planned & prepared carefully Board Exams & Entrance Exams will nicely go in hand to hand & help you to achieve the best results. 

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