Effective Tips to Prepare for JEE Main 2020 New Exam Pattern

  • Sep 30,2019

National Testing Agency (NTA) has introduced key changes in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2020. All the changes in JEE Main 2020 Exam Pattern are relevant for students and will impact them to a large extent. Many students are anxious about the exam pattern changes & feeling nervous about the upcoming exam.  

The following tips can help you to prepare for JEE Main 2020 New Exam Pattern & beat the nervousness. 

Know the New Exam Pattern

Instead of JEE Main Paper 1 and 2 for UG engineering and UG architecture now there are 3 separate papers for B.E / B.Tech, B.Arch, and B.Planning.

The paper for B.E / B.Tech will now have 75 questions, instead of 90, and in each section, for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics there will be 25 questions. Out of these 25 questions, 20 questions will be of multiple choice type and 5 will be of the numerical value type. 

The B.Arch paper will consist of 77 questions. The 50 questions will be from Aptitude and will be of multiple choice type only. From Mathematics, 25 questions will be asked and of which 20 will be of multiple choice and 5 will be a numerical value type.

In the drawing section, students will have to attempt 2 questions each. The newest addition, B.Planning paper also consists of 50 Aptitude questions and 25 Mathematics questions that are a combination of MCQ and numerical value type.

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Numerical Type Questions 

This is the first time that JEE Main will have numerical value answer type questions. Subject experts feel that this may increase the difficulty level of the paper. However, as the time per question has increased from 2 minutes per question to 2.40 minutes per question, that will contribute to lowering the difficulty level.

MCQs will be for 4 marks. Negative marking of 1 mark will apply for MCQs. However numerical value answer type questions will not have any negative marking, the correct answer will get 4 marks like MCQs. Each of the two questions in the drawing test will be of 50 marks.

For Numerical Type Questions, Students cannot now go for substitution method or elimination method to solve these questions. As long as one has a firm grasp over the basics of all the topics, he or she can easily solve these questions without error. Numerical value answer type questions will contribute to 20% of the BE/B.Tech paper. Thus students aiming for the top ranks will have to get them right. 

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Build confidence with NCERT Books 

Despite all the changes, NCERT is the most prominent source for preparation. Practice from NCERT to understand the topics. Read NCERT Books & take short notes which you can refer at revision time. 

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Solve JEE Mock Test

The practice is the key to score more marks. Enroll into Edumate Plus JEE Main Test SeriesEdumate Plus has more than 70,000 questions handpicked by experienced teachers & subject experts. 

Change is the only constant thing in the world so don’t let this exam pattern changes negatively affect you. 

Keep calm, Read NCERT Books, Practice as many questions as you can & you will qualify JEE Main 2020 with flying colors.

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