NEET 2020: Full Proof Preparation Strategy for Droppers

  • Oct 07,2019

Are you taking a drop this year to prepare for NEET Exam 2020? 

Dropping a year to chase your dream is not that easy as it seems. 

“Can I crack NEET this Year? Am I wasting my time? “

These are the biggest fears that haunt every dropper. 

Therefore, you must have a solid strategy & plan to prepare for NEET 2020. 

#1. Revise from Short Notes: 

Being a dropper, you also have some benefits. As a sincere student, you must have prepared short notes which will be very useful this year. 

When the fresher will be doing their first NCERT Books Reading, You will be revising your short notes. 

You must have some give more time to revision to cover the topics faster. 

Revise every topic. This way you can build your confidence and accuracy to solve the problems on the exam day.

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#2. Practice Online Mock Tests: 

Practice should be the number one priority for you. The candidates should start practicing mock tests daily. Results Analysis after Online Mock Test is a very effective source to analyze what is gone wrong, how much is your accuracy & speed. 

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#3. Learn from previous mistakes:

The candidates who are repeating NEET with a drop, have the advantage of learning from their past attempt’s mistakes. You have experienced the exam pressure & know what has gone wrong. 

Make a list of the mistakes that you made in the last attempt and work on improving them – it may be time management in the exam, lack of accuracy, weak topics or anything else.

Your preparation must include strategy; you should plan the subject to learn when, what weightage to give to what topic, time management and speed, and accuracy, etc. every aspect of the exam are very keen for your success in NEET 2020.

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#4. Solve Previous year’s questions papers:

Apart from the books, the candidates should solve all NEET question papers from the last years. You must make it a habit to solve the question papers at least 3 times a week. This will help you understand the exam pattern & the type of questions asked in the exam.

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