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  • Nov 08,2019

JEE Main 2020 is just around the corner. It is now that students need to change gear if they aim to clear one of the toughest engineering exams. It is time to shift to a more intelligent preparation cum exam plan that will work for you. Physics is one of those subjects that are high scoring and it happens to be a key one for JEE Main. 
An analysis of previous year's papers, expert tips, topper experiences- these is precious to learn how to study and score well in Physics. The systematic plan can be made if you know what topics are more important, which ones have generally been covered more in the past exams, how to remember the formulae and such. The JEE Main 2020 Preparation Tips for Physics spells the preparation plan with special stress on the topics, weightage, and books.

Sharpen your basics
What you must not forget here is that the basic concepts and syllabus must be completed. There is no excuse to leave out any topic for the exam. The JEE Main and Class XII exam preparation can be combined for this purpose.
The best books to do this are the ones from NCERT. Read them & clear your basics and then move on to the other books delving deeper into the topics.

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Must Study Topics
Here are some must study topics that you shouldn’t miss in your preparation for JEE Main. Check them out.
1. Electrostatics : It is a high scoring topic that needs clarity of concepts. There are almost 4 questions that are asked every year in the JEE Main exam.
 Concepts of Physics by H C Verma is a good book for electrostatics as it includes good quality of solved numerical problems
2. Oscillation and Waves : Once the basic concepts are clear, read the Concepts of Physics by H C Verma to cover the subject in-depth.

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3. Modern Physics : One of the important topics for both JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2020, this is a scoring topic. Check out sub-topics such as Bohr’s model, radioactive decay of substances, nuclear fission, and fusion, dual nature of matter and X-rays. The trick is to study and practice the numerical questions in this topic also. NCERT is best to get the basics right later you can move on to Concepts of Physics by H C Verma for the theory and 3000 Solved Problems in Physics by Schaum for the numerical problems
4. Optics : It is a relatively easy topic, it also happens to be a scoring one too. While studying this don’t forget to check the Huygens principles. Read Understanding Physics for JEE Main, Advanced Optics & Modern Physics by DC Pandey to get a hold on this topic.

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The JEE Main 2020 Preparation Important Topics

1. Magnetics : Books like JEE Main in 40 Days by ARIHANT, Understanding Physics that will help you sail through this topic. 
2. Electromagnetic Induction and AC : The numerical problems from this topic generally are asked in JEE Main. Brush up Faraday’s Law while studying this. Read Concepts of Physics by H C Verma to get a better understanding of this topic.

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3. Current Electricity : Ohm’s law, color code for resistors, characteristic of ohmic and nonohmic conductors are some topics that need to be emphasized on. Use Concepts of Physics by H C Verma to sharpen them up.
4. Waves : Sub-topics like the principle of superposition of waves, simple harmonic motion (S.H.M) and its equation, Doppler Effect in sound are scoring topics. Give more importance to them
The topics given below are not placed very high in the reading order but it is advisable to read them at least once and know the concepts.
As part of the JEE Main Preparation Tips for Physics, we want you to get a powerful grasp on most of the topics in Physics and for that, the following books can be used for reference and further study.

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Some more JEE Main Preparation Tips for Physics:
Short notes and flashcards:
One of the important aspects of JEE Main Preparation Tips for Physics is that you must make short notes as you study each of the topics. This is a good reference tactic during the last days of the exam as it allows you to check the topic without opening the textbook and going in detail.
Make Flashcards for the formulae and topics you feel you need to be clear with. Just a glance during the revision days will sort them out for you.
Complete a topic and give yourself a short break. Take time off every day to do something that is close to your heart and relieves your stress – it may be music, a small walk, meditation or any small hobby.

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