JEE Main - Mathematics Preparation Tips

  • Nov 13,2019

Mathematics is the most scoring of all the three subjects being asked in the JEE Main 2020 exam as it is based on calculations and formulae. 

With the help of JEE Main 2020 preparation tips for maths, it would be easier for you to prepare well. These Preparation tips for Maths for JEE Main 2020 will help you to have a clear idea of what are the must-read topics and some useful tips. However, it is also important to not leave any topic completely. 

The topics mentioned here are indicative as per the thorough analysis was done by our subject experts. Read the full post on JEE Main 2020 preparation tips for Maths in the order to know the weightage of the exam based on expert opinion, topper experiences, and past analysis.

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Prepare Early

Start the preparation as early as possible. This will save you from the last moment panic and this will also earn you some extra time for your revision and more practice.

Early preparation will help you complete your class 12 syllabus.

This will protect you from additional pressure, and, the pressure during preparation is not a good thing to carry.

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Discipline Yourself

You have to show your skills in managing your board exams along with your preparation for JEE Main 2020. You can’t compromise with either one of them.

Manage your books, schedule and time such that you get the best out of you.

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Make A Schedule

Assign fixed hours for every activity of your daily schedule. Try to stick with your schedule.

Choose the right books to study. This is a savior if you don’t want to burden your head with lots of study material.

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Read NCERT Books

Experts say the best books to start with preparation are the NCERT books which can help you to cover your Class XII syllabus and form the foundation for the JEE Main Syllabus.

All the important topics covered in NCERT books are in easy and understandable language.

... Then build your basics with Other

While NCERT set the basis for important concepts and chapters, other books should be referred for a deeper, detailed and better understanding of the concepts.

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Topic Wise Preparation for JEE Main Maths

Some of the units in the JEE Main Maths syllabus is more important than others and should be given more importance, time and practice.

Important topics like 3-D Geometry, Vector Algebra, Integration, Complex Numbers, Circles and Family of Circles, Sequence and Series, Probability and Statistics, etc. 

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Finally Some Useful Tips:

Don't take too much stress: Stress will stop you from studying so it is better you better say NO to it.

Eat good food: Eat good, healthy and nutritious food throughout the preparation to stay fit and productive. Bad health will not let you study for long hours.

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Take small breaks: According to the studies, human productivity drops after 45 Mins. Rather than studying for long hours, plan small breaks for yourself. Take some time out to play an outdoor game or engage in your favorite hobby.  

Don't postpone preparation for the last days: This could be the worst thing to follow if one wants to get through the exam. This would only cause panic; it’s better to start early.

Stay Motivated: Take the exam with a healthy spirit. Don’t take it as a burden otherwise, the results can turn to be another way around. As simple it could be-Think positive and Stay in healthy during and after the exam.

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