3 Important Features to Consider When Choosing Your Online Teaching Platform

  • May 11,2020

Online Teaching has observed a steady rise in the number of teachers who are slowly replacing the traditional methods of teaching. 

With many online teaching platforms available, it becomes time-consuming for teachers to choose the right platform for their teaching and training needs. Undoubtedly, the platform in all its capacity should empower the teacher and enrich the students.

So here are 3 important features to consider when choosing your online teaching platform : 

1. Security

Recently, Zoom came under the Indian government’s radar due to increasing security concerns around it. The Cyber Coordination Centre under the Ministry of Home Affairs in India issued a detailed advisory on the usage of the zoom app.

Thus, Security should be the greatest priority when you select an online teaching platform. 

2. Mobile Learning

A good online teaching platform can be used on various devices from the desktop to the smartphone. Due to the outspread of Internet & Smartphones, an online teaching platform must-have a mobile app so that learners can access the video content with ease. 

3. More Control in Your Hand

Content security continues to be one of the most significant concerns. The distribution and access of content are very crucial. Your video content on an online teaching platform should only accessible to the intended learners. 

The platforms like YouTube offer very limited control to teachers. Suggested videos from other creators & channels, can quickly distract your students & they can leave your video & jump to other content quickly. A good online teaching platform should allow teachers to have more control & should be less distracting to your students.

With the COVID-19 lockdown, teachers and students are adapting to new technologies. As more and more teachers join the online teaching for the ease of use, scalability, versatility, thus choosing the right online teaching platform continues to remain a crucial factor in the success of your teaching, training, or business.

Edumate is a Learning Management System with an integrated Virtual Classroom Platform designed for online teaching and training over the Internet. With Edumate you can create online courses and tutorials, arrange online lectures.

- Upload videos securely, manage videos & share worldwide

- More control over your content than platforms, like YouTube

- The videos are typically restricted to authorized viewers

- Assess your students with online quizzes and assignments

- Accessible across platforms - website & mobile app

Contact to know more - Kaushik Sivaraman - 86930 22222

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