5 Important Lessons For All Students From TVF's KOTA FACTORY

  • Jul 22,2019

TVF’s Kota Factory is an Indian Hindi-language web series. The web series’ story revolves around the life of IIT aspirants, the coaching center industry in Kota & the struggles of students. There is a lot to learn from this new web series so, with reference to this, we have come up with 5 important lessons for all students which they can learn from “Kota factory”. 

1. Form Good Habits

In KOTA FACTORY, Jeetu Bhaiya teaches us how to develop a habit. To develop good habits it requires consistency, courage & discipline on a daily basis.

You only require 21 days to form any habit. It is the required time in which you can make or break your habit just work on the things which you want to achieve and it will start automatically after 21 days.

Small good habits like Studying Daily, Taking Notes, Waking up Early, Eating Healthy Food, Getting 7-8 Hours of Night Sleep are very productive in the long run & definitely can improve your exam preparation.

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2. Find a Good Mentor

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

In Kota, There is tough competition, Batch shuffling, Family & Peer pressure, Frustration. However, a good mentor or teacher can help us, constantly motivates us and make us a better version of ourselves.

In KOTA FACTORY, Jeetu Bhaiya is the type of mentor everyone needs in this era when nearly 15 lakhs students give one or the other entrance exam every year. He taught us that just by teaching students, you don’t become a teacher. You become a teacher by connecting with the students.

He knew how hard it is for the students to stay away from parents in such a small age, to face the cutthroat competition & to deals with the struggle of living. He knows the value of motivation. Having guidance, support, encouragement from a trusted & experienced mentor can provide a mentee with a broad range of personal growth which ultimately leads to great performance and achievements.

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3. Focus on Your Strengths

In the first episode of Kota Factory, Vaibhav is very irritated with inorganic chemistry. He complains that the subject demands a lot of role learning without any fixed rules to solve problems, unlike physics or maths. So Jeetu Bhaiya advises him to leave it and focus on other subjects. Jeetu Bhaiya tells him to focus only on getting 40% marks to get into the top IITs which can be scored easily even by not studying inorganic chemistry.

While preparing for your exam, you can’t completely leave your weak sections but do focus more on your strong subjects.

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4. True Friendships are priceless

True friends are hard to get. Someone who will show you the correct path, no matter how hard will it be to pursue it rather than encouraging you to choose the wrong path.

In Kota Factory, Meena, Shivangi and Uday are the ones who always helped Vaibhav and were always there for him.

Uday and Meena stuck by Vaibhav and went to everyone who could solve the paper. They sacrificed their work to help him and they always motivated him to achieve his goal.

In the last Episode, when Vaibhav have to move to Maheshwari Classes, Meena supported him & told him that it’s okay if they will not meet much. Although, he was not happy as Vaibhav is moving out, despite this he knew that this sadness should not come in between Vaibhav and his future.

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5. Success lays Outside of Your Comfort Zone

To achieve goals in life, one requires going out of his comfort zone.  

Sometimes we need to sacrifice the things that make us happy - love friends, and today’s happiness.

In the last episode, we can see the sacrifice made by Vaibhav when he got a chance to move Maheshwari it was a hard decision for him. On one hand, he had his dream to get admission in IIT & on the other hand, he had his friends, his mentor, and his love.

To make a brighter future and to grow more one need get out of his comfort zone. 

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