Can a dropper prepare for the NEET in just 2 months?

  • Feb 01,2019

Being a dropper is a tricky phase in any student’s life, especially if you are preparing for NEET.

Firstly let us look at the reasons why you couldn’t crack NEET so far (with solutions) …

Here are the probable mistakes you made last year. Check what suits you and read its description. We have given solutions to all mistakes listed below, be cautious about them this year. And to be open in accepting your mistakes for the best outcome.

You were not serious

If you weren’t serious the previous year, then you need to begin from scratch this year.  You now need to increase your learning speed drastically and study with high energy, pace, and interest.

Solution: Dedicate next 2 months’ time only for learning/revising complete syllabus of NEET from A to Z! Complete. By complete we mean to say entire NCERT Theory and Numerical. You may allow 1 month for 11th and 1 month for 12th Std.

Couldn’t complete preparation

This is when you are serious but lack motivation or guidance.  If you were not able to complete preparation, mostly you faced these challenges while appearing for NEET last year: not being able to solve difficult MCQs, Many un-cleared doubts, lack of clarity of concepts.

Solution: Make a list of all preparation left to do: Solving Medium-level MCQs, Solving High-level MCQs, Learning certain weak concepts, Practicing important Questions, Studying NCERT, Solving NEET Practice Tests, and many more. Go through this list and allocate 2 – 3 months to get these done No matter what. You may require to increase your pace to achieve these targets.

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Couldn’t handle 11th Std. syllabus

Most students miss out on this! The std. 11 is a light-weight year for many and they get serious only in their std. 12.

Solution: Allocate a Month’s time to study/revise Std. 11 syllabus. If this looks difficult, you need to boost your energy, pace, enthusiasm, and interest in the subject.

Couldn’t Crack difficult problems

This is the most important as well as a difficult challenge! Mark it. If you overcome this, you will surely crack NEET.

Solution: This will not happen in a fortnight. You need to improve a bit every day and finally arrive at a stage where you can solve any question. Be optimistic about difficult questions and do not get disheartened after seeing a difficult question. Instead, your energy level should rise after seeing a difficult problem.

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Didn’t Study NCERT thoroughly

NCERT is the most reliable book for learning theories and concepts for NEET. Make sure that you go through NCERT contents at least once in your preparation. Referring NCERT ensures that you do not miss out on any concept/topic, which other boards may omit.

Focusing only on Biology

Many NEET aspirants seem to do this mistake. It’s natural that you love Biology the most but at this stage, you need to love physics and chemistry as well.

Solution: Think that Physics and Chemistry are related to Medical Science, and you will begin to love these subjects as well. Like for example, X-ray, NMRI Machine comes from concepts of Physics, while medicines are prepared from concepts of Chemistry. Need more reasons to love Physics and Chemistry?

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 Didn’t Solve enough Mock Tests

Now solving Mock papers is the second most important thing after being able to crack difficult problems.

Solution: Don’t wait for the last few months, to begin with, mock tests. Since you are a repeater, you surely have an advantage here and can begin solving mock papers. Keep the target of 3 – 4 papers in a week.

Didn’t solve same Mock Paper 2 times

Believe us or not, solving the same mock paper 2 times – before and after checking answers is helpful to gain confidence.

The main aim behind this is to rectify your mistakes.

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Lack of Strategy and Planning

This happens when you lack seriousness, motivation or guidance.

Solution: Create a systematic schedule of you want to achieve something. Rather than approaching your studies randomly, it is always better to go about your studies with a systematic plan.

Lack of Interest in Subjects

There is no doubt that you won’t be able to crack NEET if you don’t love your subjects -Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Solution: You need to start finding reasons for developing the interest in these subjects. After all these subjects are the foundations of what you want to become. Simply search on Google “Reasons to love Chemistry” and read the wonders of chemistry.

Addiction to Social Media, Games and more…

This is a common problem in modern times. However, these hamper preparation more than you may think!

Solution: Just keep repeating these words: “Facebook, Mobile is not important”. You won’t believe that your mind within a few repetitions will stop considering Facebook as necessary. Within a few days, it will become your habit and will boost your preparation in general.

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Changing Motivation & Mood Swings

Ever watched a motivational video on YouTube and then got inspired. What happened to all the motivation the next day? We all have experienced this. So, motivation dies with time.

Solution: Get motivated about cracking NEET every time that you start studying. Feel the Motivation! Motivate yourself to study as soon as you are about to pick your smartphone.

Now that you have figured out your mistakes, it’s now time to be mentally prepared for your “drop” year!

The social anxiety of “Drop Year”

This is a common dilemma among droppers. Everyone is concerned about your “drop year” but their questions and worries end up discouraging the dropper.

It's now time to stand with broad shoulders and answer them with confidence. Your confidence should convince them that you are strong enough to handle this situation. Go for it!

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