Complete Study Plan to Crack JEE Main 2020 Physics Paper

  • Jun 12,2020

With the JEE exam being postponed this year due to the pandemic, students have got extra time for preparation. 

Here are some tips and tricks to prepare for the physics subject of the JEE 2020 :

1. NCERT is the most important book to brush up the concepts, and HC Verma and DC Pandey are good for practice. Solve more numerical. 

2. Read short notes; have a look at them and recollect them in your free time to remember formulae easily and effectively.

3. Practice previous years’ papers to understand the types of questions and solve JEE mock tests by setting the same time that’s allotted for the exam after learning the concepts.

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Weightage of important topics:

A large part of the Physics paper in JEE Mains is dominated by questions from: Vector and Simple Mathematics {2-3 questions}, Mechanics [3-4 questions], Electrostatics [2-3 questions], Electricity and Magnetism [3-4 questions], Wave and Optics [2-4 questions], Modern Physics [3-5 questions] and Heat and Thermodynamics [2-3 questions]. These major topics comprise of almost 65-75% of the complete paper.

Allocation of time to each topic [4-6 hrs/day]:

•Vector and simple Mathematics- 3 days

• Mechanics - 10-12 days

• Waves and oscillations- 5 days

•Electrostatics- 4-5 days

•Electricity and magnetism- 7-8 days

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Quick Tactics:

Don't read new concepts focus more on the final revision.

During the final revision, focus on the self-made short notes or trusted sources should be revised instead of the whole book.

A day before the exam, sleep adequately.

Let the mind be calm but confident and content.

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Which Halogen reacts with caustic soda to liberate oxygen ?

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