How to Prepare for NEET 2020 amid Covid-19 Lockdown

  • May 29,2020

With just a few weeks to go before NEET 2020 begins, this is the time when students must revise important concepts and subjects studied year long. Most students are done with learning and begin their revision these last few weeks. With limited time in hand, the main goal should be to increase speed & accuracy.

Some Tips to Prepare for NEET 2020 amid Covid-19 Lockdown

Focus on Core Topics: Spend more time on important and major topics post which you can explore other concepts in the syllabus. Read your handwritten short notes on important formulae, questions, and concepts. Combine bulky topics with light topics in a day, to avoid mental burnout!

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Revise Wisely:

Your handwritten short notes can save you a lot of time. Spend this time revising your most important and difficult topics to refresh your memory. Make note of your doubts and clarify them before moving on to the next chapter. 

Solve NEET Mock Tests:

Practicing NEET mock tests during this time will give you an idea of what to expect and what to focus on. Personalized performance analysis can help you to track your accuracy & speed which you can work on. 

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Craft Your Exam Solving Strategy:

NEET Mock Tests can help you to identify your strong & weak subjects. Use this time to craft your exam solving strategy. Decide which subject you will solve first.

If you come across a difficult & time-consuming question then skip that move to the next question which can save you precious time. Avoid negative marking by limiting the guesswork. 

The revision phase is the last part before you appear NEET 2020 exam. Stay motivated towards your revision and exam & appear the exam with your best preparation & state of the mind!

All the best!

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