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  • Aug 22,2018

“Don’t let someone else’s opinion dampen your own inner spirit. You are not a mere AVERAGE guy.”

My journey from JEE (Advanced)-2015 to JEE (Advanced)-2017 taught me this.

It may sound absurd that I was not aware of IITs till the end of class X. Giving a plausible explanation to this; I am from a small town Neral, Maharashtra and back in 2010-11, less than 100 students from Mumbai used to get into IITs. As a direct consequence, neither there were coaching centers for JEE in my town nor was I aware of any digital platforms like Edumateplus dedicated to exam preparations. Hence, I joined schooling and coaching at Andheri. The competition was tough, but what was worse was the hostel life and peer pressure. I performed really well in both coaching and school exams securing a rank among the top 10 students almost regularly for the first 5-6 months. I was on track.

I would describe the circumstance under which I failed to get into an IIT in my first attempt. I digressed from my target by the newly garnered fascination to city glamour leading to engendering many dilatory habits. My friend circle was immature and I was often bullied verbally. I would not shy away to mention about my infatuation and desperate efforts in befriending a girl, leading to a lot of time wastage. Apart from that, the coaching was not of national repute like FIITJEE or Resonance, which conduct All India test series that helps you gauge the depth of your preparation from time to time. Once there was a situation, in which 5 Physics teachers came to teach ‘Electrostatics’. One of the most demotivating factors was when the head of my coaching institute called me an ‘AVERAGE student’ when my father asked me about my performance. All this happened altogether in a short span and I began losing my confidence. I became a regular back-bencher. My rank in coaching slipped down to below 40 and from 90.8% in class XI finals, my percentage in half-yearly of class XII slipped down to 77.8%. I also faced difficulty in getting my last minute doubts cleared.

In May 2017, I decided to drop a year for preparations. I joined Edumateplus and stayed in a single seated room. Earlier I used to stay in a room of four. Now, there was hardly a class when I did not sit in the first row. The Online teaching was spot on and a lot of importance was given on solving the last 35 years paper. Even the silliest of the doubts were entertained unlike the previous coaching. I was soon one of the top performers in the droppers’ batch. I appeared JEE (Advanced) sleep deprived although I should not cite this as an excuse for an average rank in the JEE (Advanced). However, to be honest, there is a hell lot of pressure day before the exam despite your best preparation, especially in the second attempt. I never felt that in my first attempt. I had dropped despite my father’s denial because of the expenses to be incurred. The thought of the consequences of not clearing JEE in the second attempt did take a toll on the performance. Nevertheless, I am an IITian now. My success in the second attempt just taught me to feel confident about myself and I realized that there is always a way to get back on track if you try.

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