NEET 2020 - Common Mistakes to Avoid During Exam Time

  • Mar 04,2020

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is the gateway to get admission to the prestigious medical institute of the country. It is the most accepted medical entrance examination in the country & hence the level of competition is also huge. One mark can make or break the student's dream thus the students need to be more cautious during the NEET Exam.

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Not reading the questions carefully

This common mistake can cause you great harm due to the negative marking scheme. Students should carefully read the question with great concentration. Many times students solve & get the correct answer but mark the wrong answer on the OMR sheet. 

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Poor Time Management

The students in most cases, spend more time on hard questions & get less time for easier questions which eventually causes students to fail in the exam. 

For this, you need to set a time limit for each section. Solve easier questions first & attempt harder & more time-consuming questions at the end. 

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Calculation Mistakes

Students should focus while solving the question. One decimal or digit missed & you lose the marks. In NEET Exam, the multiple-choice question options given are many times look identical & just have variation in the decimal point. So carefully mark the option & Avoid Guess-working.

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Stop Being Over/Under Confident

Being Overconfident can lead to a less focused approach & students can do silly mistakes like marking the wrong option on the OMR sheet. 

Similarly, You should have faith in your hard work and efforts. Having a lack of confidence can impact your performance negatively. So have a peaceful mind to get ready for your most important day.

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