Tips & Tricks to Crack JEE Main Computer Based Test

  • Mar 20,2019

JEE Computer Based Test (CBT) or Online Exam offers a better examination experience to aspirants. It makes the entrance exam more flexible and malleable for students.

Here are some simple tips & tricks to crack JEE Main Computer Based Test:

1. Read NCERT Books

Our teachers always used to say that NCERT books are the ‘Bible’ for all competitive entrance exams in India & what they said is true!

Many questions will be lifted from NCERT books – directly.

2. Get familiar with the Computer Based Test Environment

Practice Edumate Plus JEE Test Series which is built as per NTA (National Test Agency) Standards. This can help you to get familiar with the real exam environment. It is just like the Cricket game, where it is important to have your theory right but if you aren’t practicing on Cricket pitch then on actual match day it may knock you out.

It’s not easy to continuously stare at Computer screen for 3 hours if you aren’t use to it. With Edumate Plus, you can give mock test to prepare you better for the actual exam day.

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3. Mark Questions for Review

In the Computer Based Test, you can review or re-answer any question you want during the exam time. This is a 'winning' feature because it is offering second-chances to students.

On the right hand side of the computer screen, there is a panel that has a colour-coded scheme for questions that have been answered, questions you have not answered yet and questions you would like to review later. When you are solving the paper for the first time and have doubts about a particular question, you can mark it for review. Later, when you have time, you can directly click on the questions marked for review and do some brainstorming to derive at the correct answer.

4. Jump to Any Section during Exam Time

JEE Computer Based Test (CBT) allows aspirants to have full control over time management during the exam period. Students can jump to a Physics question while solving a Chemistry question or go directly from Chemistry section to a particular Mathematics question, using the panel on the right hand side.

Sometimes, when you are solving a question, answer of another question strikes you. In the CBT test, you can use such ‘sudden’ inspirations to your advantage by going directly to that question and choosing the correct option.

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5. Steer away from the Highest and the Lowest

In questions which have answers in numerical values, stay away from the extremes. In 60% cases, the highest and the lowest values are not the correct answers.

6. Gamble on One of the Two Options

If you have already crossed out two incorrect answers, gamble on one of the two options in which you are confused. Knowing 2 incorrect options, Give you chance to bring your probability of correct answer to 50% so don’t miss such questions just for the sake of negative marking. Yes, you may get wrong & lose marks but if you get it right then it you will improve your score.

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7. Carefully See Units and Values

There are questions where they play on units and values. In such questions, carefully see the units; it will help you to cancel out the incorrect options.

Even if you solve & get correct answer, carefully mark the correct option. Many times, they add same value in multiple options & change units.

8. Put Values to Narrow Down your Options

In some questions, you do not have to solve the entire function. You just need put values to narrow down your options. JEE is about testing your Intelligence and not your theoretical knowledge. Cheat your way through the exam or just guess the answers. If they turn out to be correct nobody gives it a damn!

Lastly No matter what happens, never lose your confidence. Whether it is during preparation, during exam, or after the exams, keep your spirits high.

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