Top 5 Benefits of Online Teaching Platform for Teachers

  • May 08,2020

Online learning is the greatest revolution in modern education. It has made a huge change in the education system & opened great opportunities. Now, the teachers can create a bigger impact on the world's canvas & students can have access to quality education in their town.

The real value of online learning has come to light in some tough situations, such as the COVID-19 outbreak and other natural disasters that force campuses to close down. 

Here are the top 5 advantages of the online learning platform for teachers :

1. Adaptive Learning

Each student is different & the time to learn a concept varies from student to student. Classroom teaching sometimes fails to address the unique needs of each student. 

With Online Learning, Teachers can motivate and engage students by allowing them to learn at their own pace. 

2. Greater Reach

In the 21st century, Teachers are no longer restricted to their city. The online learning has given teachers the power to overcome the geographical barriers & reach students pan India. 

3. More Flexibility

The students can now rewatch missed the session or go back to the difficult part of the lesson. Students can re-watch videos anytime & anywhere when absent or during exam revision. 

4. No Repetitive Work

The video lectures allow teachers to save hours of repetitive teaching.

Once recorded, the video lectures can continue to add value to the students. 

5. Reduced Costs

Online Teaching Platforms can save the cost of demo lectures, the teachers can simply share the free to access demo lecture video. 

Traditional classroom teaching is cost extensive. For example, the coaching class teachers need to get rented space, buy benches, print study material, pay electricity & other charges. 

Compare to this the online teaching platforms offer more ROI. 

Edumate is a Learning Management System with an integrated Virtual Classroom Platform designed for online teaching and training over the Internet. With Edumate you can create online courses and tutorials, arrange online lectures.

- Upload videos securely, manage videos & share worldwide

- More control over your content than platforms, like YouTube

- The videos are typically restricted to authorized viewers

- Assess your students with online quizzes and assignments

- Accessible across platforms - website & mobile app

Contact to know more - Kaushik Sivaraman - 86930 22222

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