With coaching centres shut, Here's how Ed-tech are helping entrance exam aspirants

  • Jun 05,2020

With undergraduate-level entrance exams, including JEE Main, NEET, & MHT-CET postponed till July, students are finding it difficult to focus. To add to their distress, coaching centers have been shut down to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

To help aspirants sail through the stressful time, the coaching institutes have begun to offer several initiatives in the digital space. 

Online Learning Management System

Due to the lockdown, online education has seen massive growth.

Coaching institutes are now offering video lectures that require less budget & have immense growth opportunities. Coaching classes are opting services like Edumate - a learning management system to create online courses, tutorials & arrange online lectures.

As per a study by SimilarWeb, edtech platforms witnessed around 128.8 million visitors during the first 28 days of lockdown compared to 102.2 million average visits until February 2020.

Online Exam Management System

Conducting Mock tests was a serious issue for Coaching classes in Nationwide lockdown but technology has quickly solved this problem. Coaching institutes are now using Exam management Systems like Scroer Plus to craft & conduct the exam as per their schedule. The exam management system enables Coaching classes to create their own question paper. Teachers can either type in their questions, upload an excel sheet or select questions from question banks.

After the exam, Teachers can download the pdf report & track the performance of their students. 

Online Mock Test Series

With only 1 month left for the exam, Students are appearing Mock Tests from their computers & smartphone. JEE, NEET & MHT-CET Online Mock Test Series like Edumate Plus is helping students to get familiar with the real exam environment. After solving mock tests, the student can go through the exam & check answers with a detailed explanation. 

The platforms like Edumate Plus are designed as per the NTA standards & have given students personalized performance analysis which is very useful for them to get data like solving speed, accuracy, strong & weak chapters. 

Ed-Tech is the future & recent incidents have given us a chance to adapt to these new educational technologies. The one who will accept these changes positively & early will have an ocean of opportunities ahead. 

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